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Theodore turns 10

I’m certainly glad that we gave this boy such a big name. Everything Theodore does is done BIG, LOUD, FAST, ENTHUSIASTICALLY. Well, anything he wants to do that is. Not so much for chores and school work. He loved that his double digit birthday fell on the day of the solar eclipse and it was amazing to experience totality and then have family over to celebrate his special day. I think it’s something he will always remember. He also had a few buddies over to spend the night last night and Chris took them all to BrickUniverse (A Lego fan convention) in Knoxville this morning.  He has loved the special attention and treatment. I do believe he wishes every day could be his birthday.

Theodore turns 9

NINE??? How can it be? He turned 9 in August with a small celebration. Theodore was the first little blond haired, blue-eyed boy in our family. After having Foster and Katie with their dark hair and eyes, he was such a different creature in every way. He looked different and his temperament were night and day different. He waited the longest to walk and talk than any of our other babies so far. He’s been a later to learn reader. But, don’t let that fool you. His personality is a go-getter. He will jump ahead and do the hard or dirty job with very little complaint. He rarely is fearful of things even his older brother has trouble with. He’s full of energy, spunk and competitiveness. He will sniff out any dessert or treat from a mile away. All boy, this one. My husband and I claim he will be the heartbreaker with those eyes, that sweet smile, those dimples and more importantly his soft, sweet spirit that leads him to always need affirmation and love. I’m so glad he’s 9. I’d like to keep him here a little longer. This growing up time when he smells like dirty little boy and he still argues about bathing, schoolwork and brushing his teeth.


Cross Country 2016

An interview (about foster care) with Theodore

Theodore is our little early bird. It doesn’t matter that he’s 8 years old, 99% of the time he is the first one awake and out of his room. As soon as he’s up he comes and finds me and starts asking for food. This is something that hasn’t really changed in the past 8 years. First he was screaming to be nursed and now he’s screaming for breakfast. This morning, I woke up when Chris went fishing (4:30 am…). Since I was already awake for three hours when he got up, I decided to go ahead and let him fix his own breakfast and I joined him with my coffee and eggs.

We’ve been talking a lot in our home about becoming a foster family. We’re listening to a foster parenting podcast in the van as we travel about, we’re discussing it as we rearrange Katie’s room or when the sitter comes so we can go to our foster parenting classes. This morning I took a chance to ask Theodore what he thought of all this, one on one. He tends to be a pessimistic little fellow, so I wasn’t sure how this conversation would go.

Me: “So what do you think about us becoming a foster family?”

Theodore: “Do we have to do a foster parenting podcast?”

Me: (giggling) “No, we don’t have to start our own podcast.”

Theodore: “Well, you need to get a girl Katie’s age because a baby would be too much work.”

Me: “We will probably get someone younger, who isn’t in school yet. Would it be ok to have more work? Isn’t that what God calls us to do?  Doesn’t He call us to serve?”

Theodore: “I guess. That’d be OK. I mean, I’m not changing any diapers. You’d have to do that. But I know  where the crib would go. On that wall, in Katie’s room, so when the baby cried it would wake us all up.”

Me: “When you were a baby and you cried, Foster and Katie never woke up. Usually only the mommy wakes up.”

Theodore: “Well.” (pauses to think) “I guess it will be good. Until she gets bigger and then I’d have to wait longer to pick.” (Referring to picking a television show, which we do youngest to oldest.)

Me: “Do you know why kids are in foster care? Do you know what God says about orphans? Do you know what an orphan is?”

Theodore: “No.”

Me: “Kids are in foster care because their mommies and daddies did not take care of them or protect them the way they should be cared for or protected. An orphan is someone who’s mommy and daddy have died, but most kids in foster care still have parents that are alive.”

Theodore: “So we would help take care of that kind of kid?”

Me: “Yes.”

Theodore: “We should do that then.”





TBT: Ghetto Pool

This throw-back Thursday is dedicated to the ghetto pool and the years where we were basically drowning in littles. Good thing we have some pictures because it’s pretty much a blur.


Theodore is…

My kids often get lumped all together in these blog posts.  We are together almost all of the time so I guess it’s natural.  The truth is, each of my children are so different and so full of life, experiences, humor, sadness, learning, suffering each and every day that there would be no way I could record it all.  Yesterday was an important day for Theodore though so I wanted to be sure to get it down.

You know those games people play when they ask you to describe yourself or a loved one in one word? I could do that fairly easily with everyone in my family.  For example, Chris is…strong, Foster is…a thinker, Katie is…a dreamer, Parker is…indecisive, Jonah is…easy-going.  I would be stuck when it came to Theodore.  Theodore is FULL.  He’s full of energy, passion, determination, strong-will, humor, excitement, stubbornness, anger, compassion, kindness and on and on.  He’s a small boy for his age, a little shorter and a lot skinnier than his peers but he is HUGE inside.

Yesterday was a hard day and a great day with Theodore.  Chris had to work overtime so I was getting everyone ready for church and Theodore gave me a terrible time.  He was arguing with me and everyone else about little things, but he’s tenacious, he gets something in his head (those are HIS sunglasses, that’s NOT FAIR) and he will not let it go. He made me so angry before we left that I refused to help him tie his shoes (yes, he’s 7 and doesn’t know how to tie his own shoes, nobody teaches that past the first kid).  He worked it out, Foster helped him.  But the rest of the day continued down a path of one that led to me offering to leave him in a parking lot on the way home so he could find a new family to abuse (disclaimer: you may not want to follow my parenting advice).  When we made it home, he came to my room crying and said ” I don’t deserve anything.”

My response shocked him and may shock you but I agreed with him.  Then we sat down and I read to him from Romans 3:23 “… for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.  I explained to Theodore that I don’t deserve anything either. That he and I are the same. Sinners.  I told him that is why we need Jesus. Why we need the free gift of forgiveness.

Theodore said his prayer last night, he wanted to be sure and he wants to be baptized next Sunday.  He knows that he will still get angry and still be disrespectful but now he has help (the Holy Spirit) and now he has hope and a secure future.

Theodore is…redeemed.

Theodore’s 7 and the surgery

IMG_1131 IMG_1128 IMG_1124 IMG_1122 IMG_1134 IMG_1136 IMG_1133 IMG_1132

Theodore chose to go to RJ’s Courtyard for his family birthday dinner. He loved all his gifts and only struggled with choosing which dessert he would get.  Sometimes it’s hard to choose when you are afraid you might miss out on something better!

We’re such sweet parents that we scheduled Theodore to have his tonsils and adenoids removed just a few days after his birthday.  We didn’t really do that on purpose, it just worked out that way! He had a ROUGH week but thankfully no complications.  He enjoyed tons of ice cream, popsicles, pudding and sweet drinks. Right up his alley.

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