It is a weird thing to try and describe yourself with just a few labels or lines, but here I go. I would say I’m first and foremost a fighter for the underdog. I try to do the best I can to show God that He didn’t waste all that love and protection He’s given me over the years. All the grace and second chances that have been given to me, I hope to pass that on to the people in my life. I’m a wife and a mom. I’m striving to live out my calling of working with/for children in foster care while I’m providing a chance for my children to be homeschooled. I write novels, but usually only in November. I read, usually around 50 books a year. I am finally, at 40 years old, learning some self-discipline. I would rather laugh and joke than cry and fret. I detest watching the news, politics irritate me. I am the person who will donate, recycle, repurpose or burn STUFF, before I keep it “just in case”. If the stuff must be kept? Then I love a sturdy clear container and a label maker to tame it and name it. It’s a problem.

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