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Cross Country 2016

spring 2014

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batter up

field day 2013

This is the first year we participated in our local homeschooling group’s field day. The kids had lots of questions but since I only had my past public school experiences to draw on I just shared what was important.

1. “Field Day was one of the best days of the year because it meant school was almost out for summer.”

2. “Field Day was great because we got to spend almost all day outside with our friends.”

3. “Field Day was my favorite because it meant NO school work (and usually NO homework either)!”

I guess you can gather by my responses that I am not very athletic. I didn’t mention trying to win ribbons or win races. I don’t remember ever actually winning anything at field day. I know I enjoyed the 3-legged race the most but I’m not sure why. It could have been my partner was a cute boy. Who knows?

It turns out, they did just fine even though they didn’t know what to expect.

We stumbled to the car 5 long, hot hours after we had arrived. We left talking about the ribbons everyone had won, our friends, the fun we had.
Foster said as we were leaving, “that was so much fun! Can we do this every day?”