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Katie turns 11

My first little baby girl turned 11 years old in October. She has continued to be thoughtful, kind, giving and loving. She loves to laugh. She’s been changing and becoming a little more sensitive (pre-teen years here we come). What makes her such a good helper now and what will make her an excellent leader in the future is that she MUST know what is going on. She tends to eavesdrop on adult conversations so she can have all the information and then likes to quickly pass on the info to her brothers and friends. She has requested that she have her own planner she can write in and one of her first questions every day is “so, what’s on the schedule for today?” She likes to plan ahead and make cards for others (I think she made 40 Christmas cards to hand out to different family and friends). Her enthusiasm for life is contagious! It was her turn this year to have a party so we had a family dinner and a friend party. Nothing Pinterest worthy, but she said it was the best one yet.





Theodore turns 9

NINE??? How can it be? He turned 9 in August with a small celebration. Theodore was the first little blond haired, blue-eyed boy in our family. After having Foster and Katie with their dark hair and eyes, he was such a different creature in every way. He looked different and his temperament were night and day different. He waited the longest to walk and talk than any of our other babies so far. He’s been a later to learn reader. But, don’t let that fool you. His personality is a go-getter. He will jump ahead and do the hard or dirty job with very little complaint. He rarely is fearful of things even his older brother has trouble with. He’s full of energy, spunk and competitiveness. He will sniff out any dessert or treat from a mile away. All boy, this one. My husband and I claim he will be the heartbreaker with those eyes, that sweet smile, those dimples and more importantly his soft, sweet spirit that leads him to always need affirmation and love. I’m so glad he’s 9. I’d like to keep him here a little longer. This growing up time when he smells like dirty little boy and he still argues about bathing, schoolwork and brushing his teeth.


dollywood (again)

Going to Dollywood never gets old for the kids. What makes it even better? Friends! Oh and funnel cakes.

boat float 2013

Have I told you how much we love our church lately?

30 days of thanks: day 19

I’m thankful for…

a husband who will get up on his day off and make us biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs,

and who did all the dishes and made brownies for the cookout,

cooking out with friends,

getting a sunburn in November,

seeing Jonah squeal when a dog licked his face and hands,

watching the kids roast marshmallows,

eating gooey, roasted marshmallows,

having enough money to just run in and get what I need at the grocery store,

letting the kids get dirty all day,

the smell of clean little guys after bathtime,

these last weeks of family time.

Who needs an Olympic size pool?

Our last day of April was filled to the brim! Monday morning housework, a visit from our friends, schoolwork, playing in the water, taking dinner to our other friends, cleaning out more at Mimi’s house, a late night front porch picnic for dinner, washing feet in the tub and jumping into bed!

Goodbye April! Hello May!


I turned 36 today.  My celebration was perfect for me. It was a day filled with peaceful, routine tasks and with sun and cool breezes. It was filled with the helpfulness of my mom and the thoughtfulness of my husband. It was filled with handwritten notes, hugs, kisses and smiles from my children.  It was filled with good food, outside conversations, laughter with all my favorite people. It was filled with sweet gifts.