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Pipsqueak arrives

We were on our way home from our family vacation when we received the call that a baby girl needed a home. We said yes. This is our first foster care placement and we’ve learned A LOT. Mostly the “newborn” thing is old hat for our family, this is our 6th time going through that (7th if you count the brief month with our newborn cousin last year). Chris and I become a little like drowning strangers, we are sleep deprived and on edge. I pray more in the first few months of my babies lives than I ever do because I constantly feel overjoyed and stressed to the max. I can’t share her story but I brought her home from the hospital and she’s been here since she was 12 days old. The kids fell in love with her immediately. September 2016 we went from a family of 7 to a family of 8 in the span of one phone call.

Throw-back Thursday: One boy, One girl

I can still remember taking this picture.  I was pregnant for the third time and was due to be induced the very next day. We had no idea if this addition would be a girl or a boy and I remember looking at Foster and Katie and thinking “they have no idea what’s about to happen!”


Jonah is 2


My last little guy turned two at the end of September.  I was struggling with him turning two, realizing I don’t have a baby anymore but now a lot of big kids and a toddler! I know there always comes a time in a mother’s life where she stops having children. I know many other women have felt these conflicting feelings of grief at what I won’t have again (to be pregnant and nursing) mingled in with a relief of sorts and an excitement about moving away from sleepless nights and diapers.  Jonah could not be more precious. He is a boy with his kicking and throwing and jumping but he is very gentle and loves to sit and cuddle with me.  He still has his paci, lovey and bear and since he is the last baby in our family, I don’t have any plans of pushing him to get rid of it.  I will let him be little as long as I can.

on why I’m too busy to blog

I’m too busy to blog because…

…my three year old needs to wear his underwear backwards every day.
“There’s more room that way” he explains.

And because…

…my 1 year old insists on getting this messy every time he eats.
You would think that was ice cream not all natural vanilla yogurt!

And because…

…I’m watching a little girl I know learn to be a good mommy.
And because…
…I’m going with this guy to his Blue and Gold Banquet.
And because…

…I’m helping her get ready for the big dance!
And because…
 …I’m dancing with some of the coolest cats in town.

Jonah’s 1

We celebrated Jonah’s 1st birthday at the park on Friday evening. The weather was perfect. The guests were lovely. My baby was sweet, happy and adorable as always.
Right before bed on his 1st birthday eve.

A little cake just for Jonah.

The big cake.
Fresh out of the bath with his birthday shirt on.

With daddy.

Walking around at the park.

Sweet boy.

Siblings, cousins and friends.

Eating dinner.

Opening gifts and cards.

Lots of clothes!

A few toys.

Watching patiently.

A future in plumbing?

“Happy Birthday to Jonah!”

Poke it.

Taste it.

Munch it.

Devour it.

Play with it.

The aftermath.

left-over goodness

This summer we have been more intentional about spending time with friends. One of my favorite memories from this week…

Jonah and his future wife Lucy sharing watermelon rinds.  The best part is they were enjoying what was left after all the older brothers and sisters had finished eating the good part off.  You know they aren’t first born children if we are letting them eat the leftovers out of a bucket on the ground!

I’m linked up with Homeschool Creations this week!

3 beautiful things


Chris before walking his Grandpa Grubb to his final resting place.


Jonah enjoying his baby pool.


A moment to read before heading off to church.